Why eBooks are Better Than Printed Books: Pros and Cons of Each Format

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Why eBooks are Better Than Printed Books

Ebooks and printed books have their huge significance due to the advent of innovation and modern technology The first generation of electronic devices in existence were cassette tapes and cassettes themselves became obsolete because people preferred tapes over CDs. Much like cassettes, digital books have taken the world by storm as of late. With the advent of these small devices, ebooks became a perfectly portable way for someone to read from the comfort of their home or the lap of their bed. Ebooks are the ultimate portable devices that have revolutionized the reading genre forever.

The format in question is the e-book and has quickly made its way into the minds of people all over the world. Originally thought of as a format for electronic reading, these small devices have made their way into the hands of publishers. In today’s day and age, most books in existence are published in ebooks format.

Advantages of eBooks

Paperbacks give you a good, soft touch in the hands but the absence of higher-quality binding material and paper makes them tricky to store. Printed books have a place in every modern-day library. Kindle ebooks are eco-friendly with environmental consciousness in mind. Each Kindle book has zero paper use. Hence, the environmental aspect is not overlooked and the print-on-paper feel is similar to the old-school quality of a paperback.

With ebooks, you don’t have to worry about cheap paperbacks getting dull or the spine breaking. The way paperbacks are composed, each one should be able to withstand an odd bump or handshake. However, ebooks are more durable than their print counterparts and as such, can withstand a twist or even really long exposure to heat.

Disadvantages of eBooks

Ebooks aren’t just a simple print and turn thing like printed books. Whereas a printed book takes a few minutes for the reader to put the book away, an ebook takes two or more clicks. This is usually the most obvious disadvantage of an ebook. You might like or dislike a book and get to immediately start reading but find it hard to put it down, only to pick it up the next day and finish it. The process of switching from ebook to book and vice versa is cumbersome and not quite fast enough.

The digital reader is too expensive for regular book buying. Ebooks are pricier than most printed books, as you pay for the device that handles the ebook as well as the digital version of the same book. Also, you have to spend time learning to use the digital reader.

What are Printed Books?

Packed with details of books, publishers offer printed books. They are made of various materials such as leather and are encased in their covers. Books have pages with lines where the words rest upon them.

At the end of each page, there is an indented line or a bookmark to indicate where to take the next reading. What makes books special is that they are delicate. A reader can cut or tear a page, thus causing the page to fall off the book. Pages can also fall off due to storage conditions such as being left out in the open or forgotten. Additionally, there is the risk of people touching the pages, thereby deteriorating the value of the book. Therefore, books are stored away so that they are kept in good shape. Print books are also kept on shelves that can withstand weather conditions.

Advantages of Printed books.

Books are portable, affordable, high in demand, reliable, and easy to handle. Readers can bring their book to a different part of the world just as easily as they can bring a toy from the US to Thailand or Australia.

Advantages of Ebooks.

Ebooks are portable, affordable, high in demand, reliable, and easy to handle. With the world embracing ebooks, you can easily read your favorite book on a wide range of devices including computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, TVs, audio devices, and laptops. Ebooks are perfect for those on the go and offer a number of advantages over physical books. One can read books ebook from anywhere.

Disadvantages of Printed Books.

Although every book has its own appeal, some books have major drawbacks that will not change the reading experience. Print books have their own flaws; they are costly, they require the paper to be purchased or printed, they’re fragile, it’s hard to share books with others, and so on.

Print books aren’t convenient and easy to read, they consume more space than a tablet or a smartphone and are bulky and heavy, making them inaccessible to modern readers. These disadvantages are quite alarming and they are easy to criticize printed books. Some print books have even made it to the worst books in the world list!

However, there are a lot of benefits of printed books. Despite all its problems, printed books have the advantage of being extremely easy to read.


Ebooks are a convenient technology with limitless possibilities. Some avid readers choose not to own an e-reader. They prefer physical copies of their books and some have vowed never to read books on screen ever again. Perhaps the most prominent and polarizing debate amongst readers is the convenience of holding a book in one hand and flipping through its pages with the other.

On the other hand, printed books provide a more intellectual experience. Book lovers can spend hours discovering the meanings and meanings behind words in the printed version. The originality of the look of a hardcover, pages etched with words, the soft texture of its pages, and the feel of a solid book in one’s hands are the reasons readers fall in love with books.

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