The Impact of Technology on Literature: Is Modernity Ruining Our Favorite Form of Entertainment?

The Impact of Technology on Literature

The impact of technology on literature has changed its nature. In the classical era, literature was in its original form. But the advancement of technology has affected all the dimensions of literature as well. It is worthy to know the connection between literature and modern technology. Modern technology has changed the ways of our lives in many ways. Our perception, thinking, and analyzing things have changed in the paradigm of modernity.

Social behavior always flourishes with mutual communication. Modern means of communication made our outreach very easy and affordable too. The flood of information and its organization into place is a big challenge in the field of literature. The Internet has revolutionized our society. Every passing moment is pilling up the content on the internet. Content creators keep on creating and uploading their fresh content on the web.

It will not be wrong to say that modern technology has changed our social behavior and preferences. When we talk about literature, there is a big difference between printed material and online material. Life is very fast and everybody wants to move further ahead. People prefer to utilize online material because of its quick and easy access. The Internet made it possible to access a lot of literary sources free of cost.

Electronic media has revolutionized literature. More and more people love to go for audio and video sources. Ebooks, movies, cinemas, podcasts, social media, and youtube have drastically changed the dimensions of literature.  

The Rise of Digital Communication

A significant change in communication took place in the world of literature in the past century. The history of the 20th century was built in the form of information and communication technology. Literacy has reached its highest point in the past 100 years. When the 20th century started, it was generally assumed that literacy only originated in the United States of America and Western Europe, especially since the U.S. was a strong country with a wide educated population. But World War I and the Industrial Revolution caused a significant increase in literacy among the entire population.

The Impact of Technology on Literature

Modernity has opened up the door to read many different types of literature. The Internet has helped broaden the genre of literature and increase its popularity. Because people can now buy books from all around the world. This, in itself, has helped the literary world and literature, specifically, because the number of people reading books has significantly increased.

Technology has affected almost every genre of literature. In the past, writers had to struggle and research for a long time before writing something on a particular topic, but now the competition between writers is intense. Writing a well-told story has become easier and easier. Technology has made literature more accessible and easy to learn and teach.

What the Future Holds for Literature

Technology will never stop being a part of what we do. No one can ignore the impact of technology on literature. It will change society in ways we haven’t even imagined, but we still have the power to alter that and put into it what we want. This is something that’s going to carry over into the future, for good and for bad. Technology will change literature, but will also create books that we can’t even imagine.

It is interesting to see what is being produced today and to see what will be produced in the future with technology. The way novels are written and the types of books being produced are changing at an alarming rate, making it hard to predict what will happen in the future.


When you think about some of the major changes in literature, the ones that stand out the most are the introduction of the electric typewriter to school kids and the digital world. The electric typewriter had a significant impact on writing because the script could be typed onto the computer and by this point, computers were pretty rare, if you couldn’t afford one you were pretty far behind. I remember my own brother typing out our first chapter in high school, on the older electric typewriter. It was shocking for us that it was working perfectly beyond our expectations. It was literally amazing that we typed out this whole story without a single error.

But now the advent of modern technology has drastically changed the field of literature too. The flow of information is very fast and efficient. The modern ways of communication have changed the means of our entertainment which are easily accessible and affordable too. It is a common argument that watching a movie is more worthy than reading a book. But it is not true for all, book lovers are still enjoying hard copy books. So, it is a matter of choice and personal preference. On the other hand, rapid innovation in communication is a big challenge for people having a classic taste of literature.

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