What is Poetry and How to Write It: A Guide for Beginners

What is Poetry and How to Write It: A Guide for Beginners

The basics of poetry stand on the high ranks of literature. Poetry is a type of literature in which a poet expresses his feelings and emotional response through words. So the expression of one’s own emotion in rhythm and specific tone through words and language is poetry. In this article, we will try to explain all dimensions of poetry in detail.

What is Poetry?

As per the definition given above, poetry is the expression of one’s emotions and feelings through rhythm and specific tone in the written form. Some poets describe poetry as the second-highest form of literature. But some of the critics consider it standing in the front line of the literature. The great masters of that time wrote poems that were sure to make a mark in the history of literature. Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Dante, Milton, and Shakespeare are those who made great contributions to the poetry world.

Great masters like Alexander Pope, Shakespeare, Jonson, Milton, Cervantes, and Victor Hugo are some of the great masters who have made a mark with their poetic works. But they were great masters in their own individual way.

Types of Poetry

There are three types of poetry: free verse, iambic poetry, and so-called classical form. Free verse poetry lacks verse form, therefore it is called free verse. Sometimes, free verse is called terza rima. It contains all rhyming lines. Thus, poems like Ode to the West Wind are written in free verse. It is easy to remember them. iambic poetry refers to rhyming lines and different poetic meters. It is simple to understand and read it. At the same time, it can show the deep emotional state of the poet. Most of all, it is written in iambic meter.

classical form is a set of eight lines with rhyming and metrical lines. They form a quatrain. After these lines, there is a separate stanza that is followed by a rhyme. All poetic lines are used in a form of a pentameter.

How to Write Poetry

The magic of writing poetry is in the pure sounds of words. The right words, spoken or written, can move the heart or satisfy the eye. If you want to write a lot and do it well, or if you want to write a little and do it fairly, you can. Do you struggle with writing poetry? You’re not alone. Just as with prose writing, there is no one right way to write poetry. And even when there is, everyone has their own method.

Remember, it is your words that matter more than any technique. Your words are what will have the greatest impact. You have to be passionate about the thoughts of the world and your own feelings in order to express them through words and write poems. If you think of your life in terms of a book, the poet is writing poetry on each of its pages. You can also say that your poetry is about your life, your feelings, your thoughts, and your experiences and that is why it is a very difficult and demanding art.

You must have deep and stable feelings and emotions in order to write the poetry you want. Once the depth and the significance of your feelings are realized, the perfection of the poetry will emerge. First of all, you should listen to nature’s songs and look after the surroundings. Poetry writing can be very time-consuming, and there is no way around it. You must start by learning the rules, and soon the rules will become second nature. Once you’ve mastered these rules, you can expand your scope of writing poetry in whatever style is more comfortable for you.

An enduring poem must create a moving picture. The mere idea of how it can be accomplished is nothing more than creating a well-formed image in the mind of the reader. Poems that merely entertain people, although they might be called “beautiful,” do not satisfy the true artistic imagination of the reader.

Formatting Your Poems

Formatting your poems is a crucial aspect of poetry. This part of the literature is quite demanding because a minor mistake can change the whole meaning of the sentence. A good poet always keeps these steps in his mind. Poems are typically written in a traditional way which takes time to get used to. Poets develop a style over a period of time through consistent practice, including repetitious lines and variations in language.

Below are some tips to compose good poems:

Use italicized or bolded words to highlight any important parts of your poem. Also, try to write your poem in longhand instead of on a computer because many software programs provide an option to convert words into different sizes and fonts.

Every stanza in your poem should have a similar structure and flow. Always begin with an opening statement and end with the same statement. Try to mix well-known literary quotes in your poetry.


This article gives you a view of what is poetry and how to write it in a proper way. It is such a type of literature that is always dominant in another genre. Famous poets around the world have expressed their feelings and emotions through their poems. So, it is a variety of expressions, where one can express his feelings and emotions through words.

You may be interested in various types of poetry, their history, and the best ways of composing it. Even you may like to write some poems and publish them on a website.

In this article, I used the form of a plan as an illustration for explaining it and its different dimensions. Therefore, the study of the illustration makes the article easily understandable to a writer. You can also follow the form of the chart in the following places.

1- To follow the lead of an article or a book

2- For proper examples of the best poems

3- Following the example of what others like

Let’s begin with the different dimensions of poetry. Keep writing and keep smiling always.

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