Why Books Are Better Than Movies: Some Reasons

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Why Books Are Always Better Than Movies: Some Reasons

Books are very important in our life. These not only are our friend but also reliable source of knowledge and wisdom. Books explain the concepts in more logical ways. Book-reading habits bring happiness and satisfaction to our life. So, such diverse benefits indicate that books are always better than movies.

How books are always better than movies

Apart from the fact that books are always better than movies, I’d like to share with you some reasons why books are better than movies. Here are some points to give you detailed insight about it.

Books are more realistic 

 A book provides more of a sense of reality than a movie. Books are based on real facts and real events. Most of the stuff we read in books actually happened in the past. Moreover, these are based on accurate facts.

Books broaden your vision of life

 If you are looking for a guide, a how-to, a treatise, a treatise about what happens in the country, a treatise about the relationship between two people, or what will happen tomorrow in your life. Books are the best friend when you read a book, you can compare what you are reading with your life. You will then have a clear picture of what you want to do. After you finish a book, you can make a plan on how to accomplish your goal.

Books Teach Us Life Lessons

Books never fail to surprise us and make us think from different perspectives. Reading a book can keep us updated about the news of the world, current events, historical facts, and trends, and not to mention the trending books!

Books Give You More Information Than A TV Show

A good book that teaches us a concept and gives us information about it, is always more practical than a movie.

Books Are A Better Alternative To Television

No doubt about it, Netflix, and similar websites are good for relaxing at the end of a hectic day and adding a pop-culture accent to our life. However, they never teach us anything except things that we already know and are not very interesting.

Books Help Us Imaginative Skills

You can learn science, math, and art from movies. Books help us understand complicated concepts. Books are simple to understand. You can learn new things when you read a book. If you are interested to know something, read a book. Reading can help you develop a habit. When you read, you will start to read less (because you are not a busy person). And as you read less, your knowledge grows.

Books are good for your mental health

Books help to relax your mind and restore your soul. They can help you live your life differently and make you feel better when you are sad. Books can help you achieve your goals and give you pleasure when you read. You can get addicted to books. Books can make you learn new things. You will be more creative when you read books. Reading helps us understand difficult topics such as life and death and suffering in a scientific way, such as psychology.

Books are used by psychologists and psychiatrists for their work

Books are important and you should read at least one book per week. If you ever get bored with reading books, you should watch movies. I recommend watching the books to movies to watch these movies. You only need one day to finish reading a book. It only takes one day to finish reading one whole book. You have to relax, but not get bored. One day is enough for a book, movies, magazines, TV series.

Books give the reader hope and the feeling that they’re not alone. The story might change you in some ways, but then, you would return to it and finish it.

Books allow us to learn new things and forget the old ones

But there are some books that make us crazy and even disturbing, for we start to hear new things. The general opinion is that books are bad and unhealthy. They make you sweat and give you backaches, but there are some books that make you happy.

The view is always different in books than in real life

Books give us an alternate view. You can take a little time off and live in another world. Somehow you need to read the book of your life to end it and many more, let’s get to know why books are always better than movies.

Why Books are Always Better Than Movies.

  • Books normalize the daily routine.
  • They give us direction.
  • Books allow us to explore the world
  • They give us understanding
  • Books are fulfilling
  • Books provide the spirit of intelligence
  • They let us live
  • Books create a sense of belonging
  • Books provide a refuge
  • They are a spiritual gift
  • Books give us a reason to live
  • Books Tell You a Story

They also allow you to get lost in the story, get through the boring parts, and get a better understanding of the theme of the book. You can get lost in the idea of the characters in the story, the emotion the author creates, and the conflicts they face.

Good books are built for intellectual process, so you can get answers you did not expect. Books improve social development in society and help us stay healthy and happy.

Good books make us rich and secure

Good books enlighten us to know the existence of nature and God. We as humans need a reason for everything that we do. Books with continuous content updates add their value to our life. All the books I know to the one that I had been introduced to by my parents are added to one reading. I have acquired a lot of knowledge from them.

Some unique benefits of book reading

  • Books guide us about our personal development
  • They are considered a valuable family asset.
  • They help us learn from our mistakes
  • Books are always true to their title.
  • They are quite entertaining.
  • Books provide an escape from our routine life.
  • They make you realize that even the most complicated things can be solved easily.
  • Books are trustworthy and more reliable.
  • They encourage us to be diligent and help us improve our logical thinking skills.
  • Books help you build your personal self-esteem.

Best movies are never bad

Don’t like movies? Don’t like the things that other people have in common with you? If you dislike movies, then there’s nothing better than books. You don’t have to like or enjoy the same movies or books. You can take pleasure in reading different genres of books of your interests. If you’re like the rest of the people, then it’s definitely not going to happen.

Books allow you to review your process. It is the best way to find the mistakes you might have made. In order to write a blog post for about 20 minutes, read it for the rest of the day. I always start off with the first chapter and reread the whole book to get the gist. Sometimes, I’ll go back to the previous chapter and skim through it, making notes on the interesting parts that I want to go back to. It really helps when you want to learn something new. These Help to have more time to get to the “meat” of the matter.

The bottom line

Good books always guide us about our social responsibilities. Books teach us things that are not available in any other medium. They let us understand and appreciate other cultures and ways of living. They let us understand the history of different civilizations.

Books are fast friends and reliable. They can bring in new information or information from old books. This can be crucial when we are trying to find information for personal use, or if we are researching or talking about an issue in any company. Books always provide more information and more details. Especially in books, we can feel what the main character feels, we can see what is happening and we can imagine what will happen in the future.

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