Some Major Benefits of Book Reading during Lockdown

Book reading is a way to learn about the life, culture, and other societies. And moreover to keep up with the latest news and trends, even when we aren’t actually interested in what’s going on in our world. On the other hand, the benefit of book reading is helpful in keeping up to date in many areas of life. It broadens the horizons of imagination which paves the way to immense creativity. Here we will discuss the major benefits of book reading during the lockdown.

Lifelong Benefits of Book reading:

1: Builds your vocabulary:

 Research has shown that reading helps expand one’s vocabulary by up to 50%, for both adults and children. The words and knowledge you gain as a reader can be used to help you write and study as well, so it’s worth reading for. Book reading enhances the possibilities for new ideas to emerge.

2: Speaks to your mind:

 Our mind is so complex which has special receptors and only words can activate it. Book reading expands those receptors, so you can absorb more knowledge at any time. You can also keep the knowledge, words, and ideas inside of you, for when you need to recall them.

3: Expands your knowledge:

Book reading is always beneficial. Whether you’re learning to read for yourself, teaching a young child, or reading books to an older child who is learning to read themselves, reading increases the strength of the mind and the ability to learn.

4: Develop your imagination: 

Book reading has a special connection with the development of imagination. Book reading can stimulate the imagination of the reader. It helps you and relates to what you’re reading or to create your own stories and novels.

 5: Does not waste time:

 Book reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself because reading allows you to spend time in a way that doesn’t waste your time. It doesn’t replace you doing your own reading, it adds to it. It’s like having a small library that you can dip in and out of as you choose.

6: Enjoys writing: 

Book reading has a direct link with your writing skill. Writing is an exciting way to develop your imagination. It’s different from writing because you’re actually acting as the writer, drawing on the images you’ve absorbed from a story to create your own tale and characters. It’s the next step from reading, because reading doesn’t give you images to think about, but writing does. You can create an adventure with your new book, or use writing to write and keep up with the latest trends in your field.

7: Allows you to explore life: 

You can be pulled into the lives of the characters you read about and imagine yourself as the characters, exploring their lives and personalities. You can create situations in your imagination, and come up with new ways to write about them.

According to researchers, due to the current epidemic, Book reading has had an immense impact on human behavior. Even Though the tendency of stress and anxiety skyrocketed during the lockdown period, book readers observed less affected during this period. So, it is very important to stay safe and keep our minds fertile with healthy books and literature.

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