The Benefits of Book Sharing with Others: Why It’s Great to Give Books Away

Benefits of book sharing

There are immense benefits of book sharing with others. It not only involves and engages others in the book reading but also lasts a healthy impact on society. It is a virtue and act of kindness when we give away our stuff to others. On the other hand, this is the best practice to share knowledge and wisdom. Book sharing is very common in developed societies. People generally put their extra books on shelves in specified places and knowledge seekers collect them.

Why it’s great to give books away

It is really an amazing idea to give away books to others because:

  • Books, it turns out, are the perfect way to build community
  • Books facilitate empathy
  • Reading books develops empathy
  • Books teach children how to problem solve and take responsibility
  • Children who are given books are less likely to abuse them
  • Helping children to see themselves in books is key to development.

It’s important that when giving books away you ask what the child would like them to do. They don’t always know what they want their books to do, and that’s okay. You just want them to have something to do.

When you give books away you have to make sure they are in good condition for your child to use. Ask for their opinions, if you have children. You want to give them the perfect present they will appreciate, and you want them to look after their books properly.

The benefits of book sharing with others

It is a very good idea to Engage your child with another child’s book choices. Mutual interactions tend them to learn from their experiences.

It helps your child discover a whole new group of characters and develop their own special bond with those characters.

  • It helps your child develop a sense of belonging.
  • Learning to share with another child.
  • It gives them a feeling of understanding and responsibility.
  • It helps them to develop their sense of belonging.
  • They have fun finding books they want to share with a friend.
  • These are more inclined to want to share those books.
  • They learn how to be part of a community by sharing with others.

What you need to know before you start

While you may be tempted to start sharing books with your little one when they are around three years old, the research has shown that babies and toddlers who are still in the beginning stages of language development (before they even say their first words!) need the support of their parents to truly learn from a book. This means that you’ll have to start sharing before they’re really ready. And I’ll be honest, it can be a lot to do. I actually began sharing books with my daughter a year ago now.

To do this well and with genuine intention, you have to plan ahead. You have to put in a little bit of work to make sure you have the right books for your child. You have to read with them and support their reading by talking about the words and what they mean.

How to set up a book share

Everyone brings a book to share. Make sure it’s a book they’ve read before, like the classic Henry Huggins or Goodnight Moon, and one they are really looking forward to reading. At my house, we always try to have one book with a higher level of difficulty. That way, if one child struggles with a certain word, they will have the ability to ask for help, or the other child will be able to help them with sounding out new words and sounding out sounds.

Another option is to ask each family to bring a book that is completely new to the group and one that they think the whole family can enjoy. When you are ready, let your child choose one book from the pile, and share it with the group. If there are any children who are not interested, simply get another book to share.

The best time to do a book share

There is not a specific time to proceed for virtue and kindness. One can share books anytime with others. The important is how and where to start at first. There are various ways to share books with kids. Some people share books on school occasions. While some can do it in their social circle. As an added bonus, many book shares include after-school playdates and snacks, a very win-win situation if you ask me.

The advent of the internet has made life very easy. A lot of websites are there where you can post free ads to share free books. You can share books in both print form and pdf form as well. So it would not be wrong to say that the internet has facilitated the book sharing procedure very easily and fast. There are a lot of people who share printed books. On the other hand, a lot of research institutes and libraries put their resources online. Everybody can download the material according to their interest and free of cost of course. There are some paid options as well, but one can find free sources on the internet as well. Public libraries usually offer free online content to people.


Here we can conclude that there are multiple benefits of book sharing with others. One of the reasons I really like sharing books is because I love books, and I know a lot of my friends are like me. Sharing books means we are connecting through books together. We are joining forces with one another and lending our voice to the selection process.

I enjoy sharing books with my friends because the act of having them in my life makes me feel happy. I don’t have to wonder if my favorite books will be given to my child or my friend because I know they are both such good people that they won’t be offended by my selections. Yes, I have an awesome friend from kindergarten that I absolutely adore and she is the queen of sharing books.

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